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Stick & Rip Fun Mask

Stick & Rip Fun Mask

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Welcome to the Stick n Rip Mask, a Patent Pending whole new fun way to express yourself through out the day. Unlike other with graphics that are permanent on mask, the stick n rip graphics called Slapps are able to be removed from your mask and switched with another or switch it back to the previous Slapp.

So Slapp a smile on your mask and a smile under anothers with the patent pending Stick-n-Rip Mask & Slapps


The Stick-n-Rip Mask Features

  • Built in Nose Wire
  • Ties around back of head for added optional support
  • Built in filter pocket


Package comes with

  • 1x Stick-n-Rip Mask (mask style may vary from photo shown)
  • 1x Wall Slapp
  • 1x Slapp Pack


Add a slapp Tshirt to switch slapps throughout the day

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